A new skin cream developed by Apex Vitality sure is something to look out for. It is called Booty Pop. Legit or not, this cream’s motto is enough to turn many heads.

As the name suggests this cream promises to make your “booty pop”. Apex Booty pop offers a free trial for every new customer, you can get your FREE Trial by clicking here.

For women, having a big and juicy booty is something that they thrive on, especially in today’s date. Big butts are the talk of the town nowadays. So, a cream that might possibly hold the potential to enhance your butt is definitely going to get people talking.



Booty Pop focuses on toning & firming your butt, giving you an “apex booty” while also getting rid of the stretch marks. Celebrity Blac Chyna is endorsing the cream that claims to enhance your buttocks. Chyna described the cream as her “personal all-natural booty enhancer”.


However, TMZ, the first news outlet to cover the story related to the butt enhancement cream didn’t have quite too many pleasing things to say about the cream. TMZ called Booty Pop Apex a ‘best ass booty’.

  • What exactly is booty pop?
  • Is it really effective?
  • Does it actually work as a butt enhancer or just provides you with a juicy booty?

Well, we are going to cover everything. So let’s get ready for an Apex Booty Pop Review.

Introduction To;

Apex Booty Pop

Apex Vitality Booty Pop is basically a skin serum that promises to give you much more appealing butt. Applying it daily will help you in getting rid of stretch marks, wrinkles and will give you a much more fuller & toner looking butt. It is termed as “the hottest new butt enhancement cream out there.

Apex Booty Pop

Apex Booty Pop

The product is marketed on ApexBooty.com through numerous pics of women with toned & relatively large butts holding the product claiming that the cream has helped them in getting their butt tightened, toned and enhanced.

Booty Pop

Apex Vitality cream promises that it will be beneficial in the enhancement of your butt. According to the developers the cream comes in effect within two weeks. The cream does so use an “advanced formula”. So is this formula legitimate? That’s what we’re going to find out.

How Does It Work?

For a butt enhancement cream that promises to enhance your butt in two weeks, there has to be something behind it. Some ingredients that justify what the product claims. There should be some powerful herbs and extracts there as well.

Apex Booty Pop cream must bear some extraordinary composition of ingredients. As we went through the product’s website, we came to know that it is using a mixture of soy protein, vitamin e, green tea, macadamia seed oil, and some other herbal extracts.

Apex Vitality Booty Pop

That’s the secret formula behind this cream. These ingredients can give you an extra edge in order to help your skin’s ability in staying hydrated and healthy including your butt. However, are these ingredients sufficient in order to make your butt look fuller or toner? Before we move on to that topic, let’s study these ingredients in a brief manner.



The four listed active ingredients present in the cream are as follows,

  • Green Tea

Green tea contains a high amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight the signs of aging in and below the skin’s surface.

  • Soy Protein

The makers of Apex Booty Pop claim that applying protein on your skin will deliver the protein to the muscles beneath. That sounds absurd. Apex Vitality states that soy protein, “keeps your muscles strong and firm.”

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most common antioxidants. It is found in numerous moisturizers and other skin care products. The makers of Booty Pop claim that vitamin e firms up your skin to avoid wrinkles and cellulite. In addition to that, it also replenishes collagen.

  • Macadamia Seed Oil

According to the official website, macadamia seed oil stimulates the “pituitary glands to raise hormonal levels that boost the volume of your butt.”

So, we went through the ingredients and some claims by the makers that are not quite justified as per the product goes. Apex Vitality hasn’t listed any scientific evidence to back up all the claims that they have made.

These ingredients are beneficial for the skin. They bear some qualities that can efficiently work for the betterment of your skin. But the qualities don’t particularly focus on the butt area.

The credibility behind the claims doesn’t seem too legitimate. The makers of Booty Pop claim that the ingredients will single-handedly retain the moisture and fatty acids in your butts. Thus, giving it plumper and fuller appearance.

Is a butt enhancement cream really going to do all that? Booty Pop will definitely firm and tighten your post derriere skin but it seems like that’s about it.

Apex Booty Pop discount

Apex Booty Pop Free Trial

On doing some research we found out that it is indeed true that the pituitary glands produce sex-hormones. But it is still not justified that macadamia seed oil will stimulate the release of hormones from your pituitary gland when applied topically to your skin. There is just a small amount of evidence that supports that statement in any way.

Soy protein can actually help in building new muscles. Booty Pop is supposed to be a topical cream that is rich in protein. When applied to the surface of your skin, it is expected to penetrate into the muscles beneath the surface.

As mentioned earlier, Apex Vitality has only revealed four ingredients in detail that the cream consists of. When a product comes in the form of a serum, there typically are many other ingredients inside that hold the ingredients together.

Booty Pop Free Trial

Apex Booty Pop happy customer

Apex Booty Pop Happy Customer

There is an Apex Vitality Booty Pop free trial available online. For this trial, you’ll have to pay $4.99 in order to get a trial sized bottle which allows you to try before buying the actual product. The process needs to happen within 14 days of your initial order date otherwise you may get charged the full monthly amount. The Apex booty free trial needs to be understood in detail.

Let’s find out how it actually works.

  • The price that you pay in order to get a trial sized bottle for the Booty Pop free trial is only the shipping charges. You’ll have to pay $7.99 for express shipping and $4.99 for regular shipping of Apex booty free trial bottle. The fee needs to be paid by entering your credit card.
  • If you need to cancel call 1-844-273-9848, which is Apex Vitality’s customer service. The service quality is actually good.
  • While buying Booty Pop, if you wish to save money then just hit the back or escape button from the sales page. Through this, you will receive a coupon that will lower your shipping costs to $1.99.

Apex Vitality does have a positive reputation for it. They offer you great customer support and refund services that many other scammy companies don’t.

About Apex Vitality

Apex Vitality is known for producing a large variety of health supplements, including various skin creams and diet pills. The company has often been accused by the customers. This is mainly because of the free trial /auto-ship billing policy that the consumers complain about not being aware of. That is why going through our Booty Pop Review is important.

Despite that, the products manufactured by the company are known to work as advertised according to the reviews. All you need to do is be aware of the free trial sample offer. Apex Vitality states that you agree to these charges when you accept all the terms and conditions on the sales page. You can actually cancel the product, and it is a free trial after all. Just be an educated shopper and don’t rush.

Is Booty Pop The Way To Go To Get A Better Butt?

We already acknowledged in this Booty Pop Review that the ingredients which the product consists of hold the potential to improve the overall quality of your skin. However, the lack of revealed ingredients and justification behind how they contribute to the enhancement of your butt makes us think.

booty pop free trial

booty pop free trial


Booty Pop is a topical serum that promises to transform your booty within two weeks. While it doesn’t seem too believable, the product does hold some merit to it. As stated it does help in improving the quality of your butt’s skin. The women that they use to advertise the product have spent a lot of their time in squatting for the amazing booties that they are blessed with.

It is no rocket science to realize hard work is required in order to get a better butt. With the right diet and exercise routine using Booty Pop may actually prove to be beneficial.

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